Youth Organizations May Be Able To Fire Guns In Craig

city of craigIt may soon be legal for groups like the local 4-H organization to discharge firearms like BB guns and pellet guns within Craig City limits. At the Craig City Councils Bi-monthly meeting, changes were introduced to an ordinance that currently prohibits the firing of guns within the city of Craig. The changes would allow participants and leaders of a youth sports organization whose programs include safety training and supervision, to fire air guns, gas powered guns and BB guns in a location that does not present a danger to the public. There were also changes made to the ordinance that close a loop hole preventing police from charging someone who killed an animal with a bow and arrow within the city. The Changes would make it illegal to hunt any animal within the city of Craig regardless of the method that is used. The City Council and the City attorney will now consider these changes and will vote on adopting them at a meeting in the future.

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