Yellow Billed Cuckoo the Next Threatened Species?

ybcThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is looking at yet another species to protect in Northwest Colorado. The feds say the Yellow Billed Cuckoo is declining in numbers and needs protection. How much protection is what is being determined. The Moffat County Commissioners say the agency is looking at an area in Northwest Colorado that would provide ideal habitat for the bird, which can be found throughout the country. They’re looking at an area that runs from Williams Fork, to near Hayden. Very few of the birds have been spotted in the area, but Moffat County Natural Resources Director Jeff Comstock says habitat is not necessarily determined by where the birds are found. He says it’s more typical for Fish and Wildlife to find habitat suitable for a species and then relocate them there. The move is seen by many as another way to lock up land, this time along riparian areas in Northwest Colorado.

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