Wyoming Woman Dies Of Exposure During Snowmobile Outing

albany county sheriffSearchers found a Cheyenne woman dead of exposure yesterday after ending a search for her, her husband and their son, who all went missing over the weekend during a snowmobile outing in the Snowy Mountain Range. According a release from the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, sometime Saturday afternoon one of the families three snowmobiles became inoperable. Due to high winds and ground blizzards the family prepared for the night by building a snow cave and starting a fire. On Sunday morning, the father heard another snowmobile in the area and with one of the remaining snowmobiles left search for assistance. After a period of time the snowmobile the father was operating became submerged in a body of water. The father then took the last remaining snowmobile in an attempt to find help. After his handlebars broke, rendering his snowmobile useless, high winds and ground blizzards forced the father to build a snow cave for himself where he spent Sunday night. On Monday morning, the father was located by search teams. All rescue teams were then diverted to the general area of the father’s discovered location until major ground blizzards prevented further search efforts. Search efforts resumed at sunrise yesterday morning. Around 8 yesterday morning, search teams located the son and his mother who was deceased. The son was then transported by Wyoming Air National Guard helicopter for treatment of frostbite. The identity of the victim and her husband both aged 46 has not been released.

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