Wyoming Troopers Detain Driver After he Fled from Accident Scene

whpWednesday evening, Wyoming Highway Patrol received a report of a dark colored pickup which had collided with three or four vehicles at the intersection of College Drive and US 85 in Cheyenne causing injury and significant road blockage. The pickup then left the scene heading southbound on US 85. Another driver who witnessed the crashes observed the pickup flee the area and began to follow the pickup. The witness made cell phone contact with law enforcement giving updates on the direction of travel and location of the suspect vehicle. The vehicle left Cheyenne but soon turned around and headed north back into the area. Troopers intercepted the vehicle as it was headed back towards the scene of the previous injury accidents and attempted to stop it. The driver, 39 year old Raymond Wagner of Hanna, Wyoming, failed to stop for the troopers and in fact rammed his pickup into one of the patrol vehicles twice before the two vehicles came to a stop. After a short struggle, troopers and deputies were able to restrain Wagner and transport him to jail where he is facing numerous charges. During the arrest of Wagner, another three vehicle crash occurred nearby as a driver was not paying attention to the road and collided with another vehicle pushing it into a third vehicle. No injuries were reported at that crash.

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