Wyoming Sheriff Warns of Phone Scam

sweetwater-county-sheriff-3Sweetwater County Sheriff Rich Haskell has issued an advisory concerning a phone swindle that targets seniors. Haskell said the victim receives a telephone call from a man who identifies himself as the person’s grandson, who sometimes explains that if his voice is unfamiliar, it’s because he has a cold. The bogus grandson goes on to say that he is in jail and needs money for bail, damages, and attorney expenses. The first call is usually followed up by a second, from a man who represents himself as the bogus grandson’s attorney, who “confirms” the story and presses the victim to wire the funds – usually $2,000 to $4,000 – right away. Haskell said the caller’s number reported to the Sheriff’s Office comes out of Brawley, California. He encouraged Sweetwater County residents to be alert for similar calls, and to confirm independently any such information with other relatives before sending off any money.

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