Wyoming May Decrease Alcohol Limit For Boaters

The blood alcohol limit for boaters in Wyoming may be going down if a bill is passed by the State Senate. House Bill 117, which was passed by the Wyoming House of Representatives last week, would institute a .08 blood alcohol limit for boaters on the state’s water ways, a decrease from the .10 BAC limit that is currently in place. According to a Wyoming Game and Fish official, alcohol consumption was a contributing factor in at least seven boating fatalities that occurred in the state between 2006 and 2015. In one of those incidents, a boy was killed during a tubing accident while his father was driving their boat under the influence. Due to the fact that the father’s BAC was just below the .1 threshold, authorities were not able to purse a BUI charge. Since the death, the boy’s mother has been one of the major proponents for the law change in Wyoming.

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