Wyoming To Look At Gender Wage Gap

Wyoming lawmakers want to know why the state has the largest discrepancy in pay between woman and men. According to US Census Bureau data, Wyoming ranked 51st of all the states and Washington, D.C., in equality of men’s and women’s wages, with woman earning an average of 64 cents to every dollar a man earns. Governor Matt Mead signed a bill during the last legislative sessions which directs the Department of Workforce services to study the wage gap. While republicans and democrats agree that the wage gap is an issue, they disagree on the source of the problem. Democrats believe the gap can be attributed to discrimination against women in the workforce, while republicans argue the state’s energy dominant economy is not conducive to women, especially those trying to raise families, as they are often required to work 12 hour shifts. Findings on the study are expected to shed light on whether the wage gap is indeed due to discrimination, or can be attributed to other factors.

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