Wyoming Insurance Premiums Up 70%

According to a new report, Wyoming’s insurance premiums had the second highest increase in the country between 2017 and 2018. The report, which was published by the Urban Institute, found that insurance premiums in Wyoming grew by 70% between this year and last year, with premiums for the cheapest plan in Wyoming jumping from about $500 per month to a little over $860. Iowa was the only state to have their premiums increase at a faster rate. However, the cost for the cheapest insurance plan in Wyoming is still the highest in the country, while the states second cheapest plan in Wyoming is more expensive than the cheapest gold plan offered in other states. The authors of the study partially attributed the high premium increases to uncertainty in Washington D.C., due to recent actions taken by the Trump Administration to “undermine” Obamacare. However, the group also found that some of the increases are tied to problems with the Affordable Care Act exchanges themselves. A link to the full report from the Urban Institute is available here.

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