Wyoming Governor Proposes $248 Million In Budget Cuts

wyoming-flag-graphicGovernor Matt Mead proposed cutting $248 million from the general fund budget earlier this week. The cuts could cause services to be slashed throughout the state and hundreds of lost jobs. These cuts have to be made due to the extreme shortage of revenues collected from mineral extraction industries which most of the states budget comes from. Mead said that the reductions are not easy, but if the state continues to wait to make cuts, they could be more severe in the future. The majority of the budget cuts will come out of the budgets for the Department of Health, the University of Wyoming, Department of Corrections, community colleges and the Department of Family Services. These cuts will not only affect government agencies however, estimates are that the reductions could result in as many as 677 lost jobs in the private sector across the state. Hundreds of people could lose their jobs, and services may be slashed across Wyoming as the result of $248 million in general fund budget cuts proposed by Gov. Matt Mead. For a complete list of the proposed cuts click here.

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