Wintry Weather To Add To Snowpack This Weekend.

snow-plowWith another 4 to 8 inches of snow expected his weekend, speculation that we are getting a lot more snow than usual will continue.  Another theory is that the ongoing cold temperatures have kept the existing snowpack from melting, causing the snow to pile high and resulting in narrowed streets  and snow mountains all over town.  The fact is that both have contributed to the amount of snow on the ground.  Numbers from the National Weather Service show that the snow totals season are indeed well above average for this time of the year.  A weather station four miles southwest of Craig shows snow totals of 61 inches, which is 21 inches above average. A weather station in Hayden is reporting 87 inches, which is 25 inches above average. And Steamboat Springs is reporting 132 inches, 42 more than normal. December showed the biggest difference between snow totals and snow averages for the area. With Craig received 21 inches above the average,  Hayden 14 and Steamboat was 34 inches above average.

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