Will Peyton Retire?

MANNING IN ORANGE SMALLAt a speaking engagement earlier this week, Peyton Manning joked about the impending decision he needs to make concerning his retirement. “Many of you have probably heard that I have a significant announcement to make, so I thought I would go ahead and make it with all of you here tonight,” Manning said. “Papa Johns is offering 50% off tonight through Friday.” All jokes aside, Peyton Manning’s future with the Bronco’s has been in doubt since the season ended, and time is running out for the future hall of famer to make a decision on whether he will retire or not. The Broncos and Manning have until Tuesday afternoon to make this decision, if that time passes Peyton’s $19 million dollar contract for next season would be fully guaranteed. It is widely believed that even if Peyton does decide to continue his career that it won’t be with the Broncos. His father was quoted before the Super Bowl saying that he was not sure if Peyton would play next year but if he did he was sure that it would not be for the Bronco’s.

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