Wildlife Officials to Discuss Elkhead Reservoir

ELK-HEAD-MAIN-SIGNState Wildlife Officials will meet Friday at Craig Station to talk about plans for Elkhead Reservoir. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is considering a plan to drain and poison Elkhead Reservoir to get rid of non-native fish. The Small Mouth Bass and the Northern Pike are considered predators of the endangered Bony Tail Chub, Humpback Chub, Razorback Sucker, and Colorado Pikeminnow. The CPW says there are too many of the non-natives escaping Elkhead, and measures need to be taken to control it. The plan is coming under opposition from area residents, who say it won’t work. While Friday’s meeting is by invite only, CPW Senior Aquatics Biologist for the Northwest Region, Sherman Hebein says they won’t be making any final decisions. He says this meeting is simply to get a clear view of who owns water rights to the reservoir, and what those rights holders will need, if the plan is put into place. Hebein says there will be plenty of other meetings that will be more appropriate for making public comment. He also stresses that whether or not they will even implement the drain and poison plan has NOT been decided.

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