Wildlife Offender Ordered To Pay Thousands

A California man was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in fines and may lose his Colorado hunting privileges for life, after pleading guilty to committing a variety of wildlife crimes in Northwest Colorado.  29-year-old Kyle Odle will have to pay more than $16,000 after pleading guilty to providing false information to obtain a big game license, hunting without a license, illegal possession of a mule deer, wasting game meat and aggravated illegal possession of wildlife involving the illegal take of three or more big game animals. Odle, who was found to have used falsified military documents to purchase instate hunting licenses at a discounted rate on multiple occasions, was arrested during the 2016 hunting seasons. During the investigation it was also discovered Odle had killed a 5×5 mule deer buck near Maybell without a proper hunting license and failed to recover the carcass. Pictured is a 5×5 buck killed by Odle, click to enlarge.

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