Wilderness Society Wants Compromise on Sage Grouse

sage_grouse-300The Wilderness Society says they would like to work with the oil and gas industry to come up with a compromise on drilling in states home to the sage grouse. The group sent a letter to Western Energy Alliance that offers to compromise on the issue, suggesting a multi-use approach that would encourage the two sides to work together. The Wilderness Society says they won’t budge in areas where the bird’s habitat is critical. The Western Energy Alliance has accused the Wilderness Society of using bad science to stop energy development, a notion shared by much of the western U.S. The Wilderness Society says a compromise might go a long way toward keeping the bird off of the Endangered Species List. However that decision will be made by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, an arm of the Interior Department, and there are fears that the decision will be made based on the Obama Administration’s opposition to oil and gas development, rather than whether the species warrants protection. The decision is expected to be handed down in September of next year.

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