Wilderness Act Turns 50

WILDERNESSThe Wilderness Act is 50 years old this year.  The Act is a bit of a sore spot for Northwest Colorado land managers, who have seen several thousand acres of land in Moffat County locked up through Wilderness designation.  Designations were made in the county around 30 years ago, nominating several areas for Wilderness consideration.  The designations were meant to be temporary while studies were being done.  However, those studies have never been done, and the land continues to sit in limbo under the protection of the Act, which limits the amount of activity that can take place on it.  Local officials have tried for years to get the Federal Government to either grant the areas Wilderness status, or release them, but have not been successful.  A few local environmental organizations, such as Conservation Colorado and the Wilderness Society will hold celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act Wednesday in Steamboat, and Thursday in Craig.

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