Western Energy Alliance Responds To Obama Plan

WESTERN ENERGY ALLIANCEThe Western Energy Alliance responded last week to President Obama’s plan to impose methane reductions on existing oil and gas wells. Western Energy Alliance represents the oil and natural gas industry by advocating on its behalf on both state and national levels. They argue that the plan would put undue stress on an industry that has already voluntarily decreased methane restrictions by 21% even though production has risen by 47% over that time period. They went on to say that statements from the EPA and other environmental advocacy groups have misled the public. The oil and gas industry is not the largest source of human methane emissions, but it is the only industry that has made measurable steps in carbon capture and utilization technologies. The Alliance believes that because of the low price of natural gas, the increased regulations would make low volume wells too expensive to operate, which means that they will most likely be plugged and abandoned.

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