U.S. May Look At Economics Of Recreation

outdoorrecreationThe US Government may begin tracking the economic effects of Outdoor Recreation now that the Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act has passed the House of Representatives. The bill, which was co-sponsored by Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, will inform policy makers and business leaders on the jobs created, and the amount of money spent, due to outdoor recreation. Secretary of the interior Sally Jewell announced in June that the Federal Recreation Council would begin assessing the economic impact of the industry. Prior to this announcement, the US Government had made no efforts to quantify outdoor recreations effect on the Nations economy. This despite estimates that the industry accounts for $646 billion in consumer spending, and supports over 6 million jobs in the U.S. Gardner says that the approval of the bill out of the House represents a step forward to ensuring the economic effect of outdoor recreation is measured and accounted for. The Outdoor Recreation Jobs and Economic Impact Act is supported by over 60 organizations and businesses, including the Outdoor Industry Association and the U.S. Travel Association. The bill must now be approved by the United States Senate.

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