Udall Will Campaign with Obama

mark-udall-300Senator Mark Udall has been able to dodge the question of whether he would campaign with President Obama this year, until now.  Four times Udall has been asked on national television whether he would campaign with the president, and he has avoided giving an answer each time.  However, it has now been announced that the president will be in Denver this week to stump for Udall.  He will also give a speech on the economy to an invitation only crowd.  Upon hearing of the president’s visit, Congressman Cory Gardner, Udall’s opponent in the upcoming Senate race, indicated that aligning himself with the president will hurt Udall.  He said “He is now going to have to answer for his votes for the failed healthcare bill, higher taxes, and increased government spending.”  Udall has voted for Obama supported legislation nearly 100% of the time.  Pictured:  Mark Udall

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