Udall Avoids Obama, Hickenlooper Welcomes President

HickObamaBeer-GettysmallSenator Mark Udall is trying to limit his exposure with Barack Obama while the president is in Denver this week.  He will benefit, however, from the president’s visit, as Obama will hold a fundraiser for the senator.  Most other Democrats up for re-election this year are also avoiding being seen with the president, due to the commander in chief’s extremely low approval ratings.  The Udall fundraiser is off limits to the press, and a speech the president will give on the economy is off limits to the public.  Udall will not attend the speech, ensuring that there are no pictures of the two together.  The president did met with Governor Hickenlooper yesterday at a Downtown Denver bar.  Pictured:  President Obama and Governor John Hickenlooper.

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