Udall and Gardner Spar Over Birth Control

gardnermark-udall-300Senator Mark Udall is trying to make “birth control” the central issue of his race against Cory Gardner.  Udall says Gardner’s record on voting against abortion is indicative of how the Congressman feels about birth control.  Gardner says the two issues are different.  Gardner recently said he was wrong to vote for personhood measures in the past.  He says while his votes were based on his opposition to abortion, he hadn’t realized the effect it could have on birth control.  Udall has latched onto those votes and is spinning them to imply Gardner is against birth control as well.  Gardner says tying the two issues together is a political move by the left, to create the appearance of a “war on women” by the GOP.  He says ObamaCare policies have done more damage to women’s health care rights, through higher costs and massive layers of bureaucracy.  Gardner is attempting to get Congress to approve over the counter availability of contraceptives, and blasted Udall and the rest of the Senate for ignoring the issue in an opinion piece yesterday.  Udall has highlighted gay rights and abortion rights as crucial points of his campaign.  Pictured: left Cory Gardner; right Mark Udall

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