Trump To Target Obama Coal Regulations

According to EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order today targeting regulations within the Clean Power Plan.  It’s anticipated the executive order will instruct the EPA to rewrite regulations concerning carbon emission reductions for new and existing power plants in the US. The order will also lift a federal moratorium on coal leasing, which has been in effect since December 2015. It will eliminate federal guidance, instructing agencies to incorporate climate change into federal decision making, and will dissolve the task force responsible for calculating the “social cost of carbon”, which was implemented by the Obama administration.  Finally, the executive order is expected to promote oil and gas developments on federal lands, including within wildlife refuges. The order is not expected to address the US’s participation in the Paris Agreement, an international agreement on climate change and carbon emissions. During his campaign, Trump said he planned to remove the US from participation in the Paris Agreement.

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