Trump Follows Gardner’s Proposal, Institutes New Sanctions On North Korea

Senator Cory Gardener applauded President Trump’s announcement yesterday that his administration will go after individuals, businesses and banks involved in trade with North Korea. Gardner says the steps the Trump administration announced are what he has been calling for and is a huge advancement in the United States’ efforts to stop nuclear war from occurring on the Korean Peninsula. Gardner believes the US needs to make it clear to enablers of North Korea that they can either do business with the United States or North Korea, but not both. China accounts for 90 percent of North Korea’s trade, with over 5,000 Chinese companies doing business with the country. Earlier this summer, Garner introduced bipartisan legislation that would ban any entity that does business with North Korea from using the United States financial system. The Executive Order from President Trump reflects Gardner’s legislation and targets entities that Gardner has long called to sanction.

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