Tri-State Joins Defense Team in WildEarth Guardians Lawsuit

tri-state-g-tOfficials at Tri-State Generation and Transmission are joining the defense in a lawsuit filed by the environmental group WildEarth Guardians, claiming that ColoWyo Coal Mine, along with 6 other Western U.S. coal mines, didn’t follow proper procedure when making mine plans. The environmental group says the Office of Surface Mining failed to adequately provide public notice and address environmental impacts prior to mine plan approvals. Tri-State officials have issued a press release that says they believe the lawsuit is without merit. They note that ColoWyo operates in full compliance with all federal and state environmental requirements and has been recognized for such with several awards. Colowyo produces over two million tons of coal annually and is currently one of two primary fuel sources for Tri-State’s Craig Station power plant.

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