Tipton Seeking Nominees for Service Academy

SCOTT-TIPTON-NEW-300Congressman Scott Tipton’s office is accepting applications from students who are interested in attending a United States Service Academy in 2015. Each year members of Congress can nominate a limited number of people from their districts to U.S. Service Academies-including the Air Force, West Point, Annapolis and Merchant Marine. Tipton’s office uses a merit-based competitive process to ensure that the best qualified individuals are given the opportunity to attend. Students that apply are required to submit an essay, test scores, an application, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and complete an in-person interview before a panel in order to be considered. Interested students, who meet the minimum Service Academy eligibility requirements, which can be found here, can download an application here. The deadline for applications is October 7.  Pictured: Scott Tipton

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