Tipton Responds To Power Plant Retirement Announcement

SCOTT-TIPTON-NEW-300Colorado U.S. Congressman Scott Tipton has released a statement regarding the news that the Nucla Station and Craig Station Unit 1 will be retired. Tipton stated that he “is increasingly concerned over the effect third party groups are having on state and federal regulatory matters. The ‘sue and settle’ tactic employed by many  environmental groups shows a complete disregard for the families who rely on mining and power generation to put food on the table, and the thousands of Coloradans who rely on the affordable and reliable power. Instead of encouraging coal companies to continue to meet more and more strenuous regulatory and legal obstacles, the tactics used by these third party groups, to further their radical agenda, destroys jobs and puts hard working Colorado families at risk. They also eliminate much needed tax revenues for Colorado schools, and increase the cost of electricity on those who can least afford it.”

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