Tipton Pushes for Full PILT Payments

piltCongressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) joined with a bipartisan group of his House colleagues to urge House leadership to prioritize funding for the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) program for Fiscal Year (FY) 2016, and to work toward a long-term, sustainable solution for the program on which rural counties rely to provide essential services. Tipton also sent a letter to House appropriators this week requesting full funding for PILT in Fiscal Year 2016 Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Appropriations. PILT reimburses local governments for losses in tax revenues due to the presence of large expanses of untaxable federal lands, ensuring vital funding for infrastructure, law enforcement, education and other essential operations. Colorado received nearly $34 million in PILT payments in 2014. Copies of both letters can be found below.

Letter to Boehner and Pelosi

Letter to Committee on Appropriations

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