Tipton to Monitor EPA Hearings from Washington, Pushes REINS Act

SCOTT-TIPTON-300Congressman Scott Tipton says he will be monitoring the EPA hearings on carbon emissions rules while working in Washington D.C.  Tipton says he is still trying to pass the REINS Act, which would limit the federal government’s authority to enact rules without legislative approval.  The EPA’s new rules have no legislative backing.  Tipton says the REINS Act has been passed by the house, but is still among the nearly 400 pieces of legislation from the House being blocked by Senator Harry Reid.  Tipton says there are lawmakers that don’t believe they should have a say in federal rules, but thinks those members will likely change their tune if a Republican is elected president in 2016.  Tipton was involved in hearings last week that focused on the overreach of federal agencies, such as the EPA, the BLM and the Forest Service.  He and others recorded a piece that will be played at the rally in Denver today.

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