Tipton Drops in to Talk About Water

SCOTT-TIPTON-300Congressman Scott Tipton stopped by the Wild West Radio studios yesterday to talk about his visit to Northwest Colorado.  Tipton has been busy with legislation to improve the state’s wildfire fighting fleet, investigations into the Benghazi incident, and fighting against federal water grabs, the latest of which was recently introduced by the U.S. Forest Service.  This is the third recent attempt by the federal government to control water in the west.  The first, a program called “Blueways” was scrapped due to its unpopularity.  But it wasn’t long before the EPA introduced a proposed rule to redefine “navigable waters”, giving the agency control over water rights throughout the U.S.  Now the Forest Service has introduced a similar rule, and Tipton is redoubling his efforts to fight it.  He says while the rule could keep farmers from irrigating their own lands, if implemented, it will affect much more than that.  He says the implications could affect businesses, municipalities, ski areas and more.  While each agency director has the power to implement a policy with the stroke of a pen, and although the policy would have the full affect of law, it would take an act of Congress to undo it.   You can hear Tipton’s full interview by clicking the link below.  Pictured:  Scott Tipton

Tipton Interview from 05-13-14

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