Tipton Condemns New EPA Rule to Garnish Americans’ Paychecks

SCOTT-TIPTON-300Today, Congressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) demanded the withdrawal of a proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule under which the agency would garnish Americans’ paychecks to collect fines. The EPA, which quietly published the rule in the federal register last week, claims that the rule is not large enough to be subject to a public comment period, and is attempting to quietly move it through without sufficient input or oversight.

“It is deeply troubling and unacceptable that the EPA, an agency with an abysmal record of overreach and abuse of its power, is now attempting to sneak through a rule to directly reach into Americans’ pockets and garnish their wages. It’s equally deplorable that it’s trying to sneak the rule through without any oversight or without even going to the public for comment,” said Tipton. “Apparently, the EPA isn’t satisfied by preventing hardworking Americans from earning a living by restricting their access to the land and to their private property rights, and issuing countless fines—many without legitimate cause or justification. Now the agency, which has time and again abused its power over individual Americans, is attempting to go even further by taking directly from their hard-earned wages without so much as a court order. I will work with my colleagues in the House and Senate to do everything possible to stop this rule from moving forward and protect Americans from federal abuse and overreach.”

Tipton joined a number of his House colleagues today in a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy outlining their concerns on the proposed rule and urging that it be withdrawn.  Pictured: Scott Tipton.

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