Tipton Blasts Further Attempts By Feds to Control Water

SCOTT-TIPTON-300Yesterday, Congressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) stressed that the Forest Service’s newly proposed Directive on Groundwater Resource Management includes overly broad language that will expand the agency’s regulatory reach over groundwater and jeopardize privately-held water rights. The directive is strikingly similar in function and tone to the recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed rule to redefine waters of the United States to vastly expand that agency’s regulatory scope over surface water.  In a statement Tipton said, “It seems like every week we uncover a new attempt by this Administration to encroach on private property rights. This latest instance would drastically expand the Forest Service’s regulatory reach to the point where if any private water rights holder so much as attempted to utilize groundwater to which they are legally entitled under long-held state water law, the Forest Service could insert itself and prevent access to that right.”  The Forest Service’s proposed rule, which was released this month, expands the agency’s reach over groundwater, and seeks to establish new bureaucratic hurdles to interfere with private water users’ ability to access their water.  In March, the U.S. House of Representatives passed, with bipartisan support, Congressman Scott Tipton’s (R-CO) Water Rights Protection Act (H.R. 3189) which would uphold state water law and protect private water rights from uncompensated federal takings.  Pictured:  Scott Tipton

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