Tipton Advocates For Local Sage Grouse Control

Congressman Scott Tipton advocated for local sage grouse management control during a Natural Resources Committee hearing this week. During the meeting, Tipton questioned three expert witnesses about the success of Western sage grouse management plans.  He emphasized the need for continued coordination between federal, state and local partners. The Obama Administration issued Resource Plan Management Amendments to  sage grouse management plans across 10 Western states in 2015. The amendments were met with opposition from those states over concerns the BLM’s one-size-fits-all approach failed to take local conditions into account. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recently issued a order to reevaluate the Obama administration amendments to the management plans in an effort to work with the states to find local solutions to sage grouse management. During the hearing, Tipton asked the experts whether they felt local officials had the most knowledge concerning their state’s sage grouse populations. Each witness testified that local officials were better informed about their state’s unique needs, concluding there was a drastic need for local input when making conservation decisions. After the hearing, Tipton said the expert testimony further solidified his belief that the BLM’s one-size-fits-all plan was not the correct approach to sage grouse management. Tipton says it is high time we allow our state and local groups to coordinate and find a solution that works for Colorado.

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