Time To Prepare Vehicles For The Winter

The Colorado Department of Transportation is preparing to battle adverse conditions this winter and is encouraging drivers to do the same.  Drivers are being encouraged to make winter preparations, by ensuring their vehicle is properly winterized, including making sure there is adequate tread on their tires. The public is also being reminded to give plows plenty of room and not pass them on the right so they can safely clear the highway. To avoid fines, Colorado drivers need to be aware that they will have to comply with both the passenger vehicle chain and traction laws whenever they are implemented. If a traction law is instituted, motorists will need mud or snow tires or a four-wheel drive vehicle. All tires must have a minimum one-eighth inch tread. If the passenger vehicle chain law is in place, all vehicles must be equipped with chains or an alternative traction device. Without the proper equipment, you can be fined  $130. However, if your vehicle ends up blocking the roadway, you could be fined more than $650.

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