Time To Prep Snowmobiles

Snow in the forecast today is a good reminder that now is the time to prepare your snowmobile for winter. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is advising all snowmobilers to make preparations to their machines and safety equipment, and to get their annual snowmobile registration before heading into the backcountry. You should give your snowmobile a thorough inspection. Check the track and belts for abnormal wear, clean and replace spark plugs if necessary and change fluids. Closely inspect the skis, A-arms, suspension, and check the steering system to assure minimal play. Make sure you have snowmobile clothing that will keep you warm and dry, check to ensure all safety equipment is in good shape, and always test your avalanche beacon. Remember, all snowmobiles must be registered annually with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. For additional information on snowmobiling in Colorado, click here.

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