Threat Resolved At Steamboat High School

The following information was sent Thursday to parents and the staff of the Steamboat Springs School District by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brad Meeks.

On Wednesday afternoon, a note was found on a table in a classroom after the students left the room. The note stated, “you were always nice to me so when the shooting starts you are safe.” The teacher took the note and looked around the building for the students that were sitting at that table. The students were not able to be located so the teacher notified the high school administration. At that point, Steamboat Spring police were notified and officers were dispatched to the high school to assist in the investigation. The building was secured and some student lockers were searched and no weapon was found. Multiple students in that class were interviewed to try and determine where the note originated.

After 10:30pm last night, Steamboat Springs police were notified of a lead on the person that wrote the note. The police contacted the student at their home last night to follow up on the lead. The student came forward this morning and admitted to writing the note and passing it to a friend in class. The intention of the note was not meant to be a direct threat. The student that wrote the note had watched a video about unexplained events where a note with the same statement was found in public. The student was wondering how their friend would respond to a similar note as depicted in the video. While the language used in the note is threatening and has been taken very seriously, that was not the original intention of the student.

The school will continue to work with law enforcement regarding any criminal charges and school discipline. The school district would like to thank law enforcement for their quick response and appreciates the parents, students, staff and community for their patience as we worked through this serious matter.

Even though this matter has been resolved, law enforcement will be present at the high school campus at least through today and longer if necessary. The police will also have a presence at tonight’s (Thursday) lacrosse game.

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