Therapeutic Marijuana To Be Exempt From Feds?

Legislation has been introduced that would exempt strains of therapeutic hemp, used to fight seizures caused by epilepsy, from the U.S. Controlled Substances Act. Colorado Senator Cory Gardner helped introduced the bipartisan, Therapeutic Hemp Medical Access Act last week.  The legislation would exempt marijuana strains with low THC and high CBD levels from federal drug laws. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana while CBD is the chemical in the plant that has been found to have medicinal qualities.  Many individuals with forms of epilepsy that do not respond to other anti-seizure medications, have found success using therapeutic hemp oil, which is legal in the majority of states, but is still banned under the Controlled Substances Act. This conflict between federal and state drug laws has forced many families to relocate in order to access adequate treatment for their loved ones. Legalizing this medication nationwide could prevent families from having to uproot their lives just to have access to medicines available in some states but not others. Gardner says that many Coloradans have experienced and seen the effectiveness marijuana products can have with treating epilepsy and he believes it’s time to make this medication available across the country.

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