Moffat County School Budget Approved

Moffat-County-School-DistriThursday, teachers, administrators and the public voiced there objections and opinions about the proposed school district budget for next year at a public hearing.  Following the hearing the Moffat County School Boards decided to pass the budget as proposed for the upcoming school year. The conflicts over budget cuts were due to declining enrollment and the slow economy.  The administrative team tasked with making the changes to school district operations, started from a $620,000 deficit, which was cut down to $212,000, mainly by eliminating positions in the district. One of the major sticking points was the elimination of 2 grade school teaching positions in the county and the formation of multi age class rooms. Teachers contended that eliminating these positions would put undue stress on the students as well as make it difficult on the teacher to effectively perform their job. There was discussion on whether or not it would be prudent to cut two instructional coaches instead of the teaching positions, but the board and the administrative team, decided that that would have a more negative effect on education in the county. Another issue brought up was eliminating health technicians and passing their duties on to the school secretary or librarian. Karie Fisher the registered nurse for the Moffat County School District says that she relies heavily on her health techs, and eliminating their positions would make it difficult to provide adequate health care to the students in the district. After hearing all discussion, the board stressed that the budget is not set in stone, and if changes need to be made it can be adjusted in the future.

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