Taxes To Increase In Craig?

The Craig City Council will ask the community to help them deal with their budget constraints by passing a sales tax increase and approving a use tax during the upcoming April election. Craig has lost nearly $2 million out of its general fund in the past few years, and their current budget is the lowest it has been since 2008. To help deal with these issues, the Council approved a ballot measure at their meeting Tuesday night. If passed, the Craig sales tax would increase by 1.25% to 3.5%.  The use tax would institute a 3.5% tax on any vehicles or trailers purchased outside of the city. It is projected that Craig would receive an additional $2.5 million a year from the sales tax increase with an additional $500 thousand from the use tax. The use tax will subject all Craig vehicle purchasers to the same regulations and taxes, and would ensure all are contributing their fair share towards maintenance of Craig’s roadways.


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