Tax Increase Takes Budget From Deficit To Surplus

The Craig City Council passed the City budget for 2018 at their meeting last night. The budget calls for $8.96 million in spending, with revenues estimated at $9.2 million, allowing the city to put around $300 thousands into the reserve fund. The city will receive additional revenue starting in July when the sales tax increase of 1.75%, which voters approved during the November election, takes effect. The city estimates the tax increase will grow revenues by $2.1 million annually with the tax increase generating around a million dollars in 2018. With the anticipated increase in revenue from the sales tax, the city was able to re-approve a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Officer position at the Craig Police Department. That position was eliminated after The City of Craig was denied a grant to fund the position. A Domestic Violence Officer will cost the city $95 thousand a year in salary and benefits.

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