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Should Overdose Reporters Be Charged?

People who report a drug overdose may no longer be subjected to drug charges in Wyoming. A bill that would provide immunity to anyone who reports an overdose to authorities passed a first reading yesterday in the State Senate. The immunity would relate to possession Continue reading

Lawmakers Retain Rain Barrel Ban

rain barrelColorado’s only-in-the-nation ban on backyard rain barrels is sticking around for another year. The state Senate moved yesterday to reject a bill to allow homeowners to use up to two 55-gallon rain barrels. The maneuver was a late-evening vote to delay the bill, meaning it won’t make it to the governor’s desk before lawmakers conclude Continue reading

Senate Committee Rejects Body Camera Bill

body cameraA measure to expand the use of officer-worn body cameras in Colorado has failed in the state Senate despite having bipartisan support and the backing of law enforcement. The bill was one of about a dozen lawmakers have considered this year in response to allegations of police Continue reading

Lawmakers Consider Felony Penalties for Multiple DUIs

co-state-capitol-300A measure to add penalties for habitual drunken drivers is being looked at in the state Senate. The felony DUI bill has already passed the House and was mentioned by the governor in January as a priority for the year. Colorado is among five Continue reading

Lawmakers Renewing Marijuana Rules

MARIJUANA-300Colorado is moving ahead with its medical marijuana regulations – but questions remain about how far the state plans to go to drive medical pot users to the new recreational market. Colorado is the only state that regulates the sale of pot for both medical and recreational purposes. A bill to renew the medical rules won Continue reading