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Fire Reignites West Of Craig

craig-fire-rescue-300The Craig Fire Department responded to a property on Hill Drive west of Craig Tuesday afternoon. where they found a pile of manure that was smoldering. The manure pile had previously been involved in a fire. The crew was able to quickly control the situation. Firefighters believe the fire rekindled due to high Continue reading

Snow! Where Does It Go?

WINTER-DRIVING-300Where to put all the snow.  That’s the dilemma facing residents, businesses and government in Northwest Colorado.  As the snow piles continued to grow it’s important that everyone do what they can to keep the streets and sidewalks safe, and clear. Here are some Continue reading

Steamboat Working To Clear Streets Of Snow

steamboat-logo-charcoal-300Steamboat Springs has received over 30 inches of snow fall in the past four days. To help clear the streets, Steamboat’s Public Works Department has added road graders to assist their sand truck in plowing. Continue reading