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High Speed Chase Suspect Remains At Large

Lohner, MA suspect that took the State Patrol on a high speed chase through Eagle and Summit County on I-70 late last week is still at large. Colorado State Patrol attempted to pull over 32 year old Mathew Loner from Parker around 1 Sunday morning when he fled at speeds up to 100 mile per hour. Shortly after contact was made, 911 received a call from Loner, who claimed to be a Taxi driver who was taking someone form Denver to Grand Junction. Loner claimed that his passenger pulled a gun on him and that was Continue reading

Cops Looking For Seat-belt Violations In Rural CO

COLO-STATE-PATROL-3001The Colorado State Patrol is planning a seat-belt enforcement campaign in rural communities across the state.  Numbers show that drivers in rural communities wear their seat-belts less than other drivers in the state.  In 2015, Continue reading