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Prices To Increase With Minimum Wage

MINIMUM WAGEColorado business owners are already talking about raising prices due to the passage of Amendment 72.  Voters approved the minimum wage increase on Tuesday.  By 2020, employees must make at least $12 an hour, with tipped workers seeing their hourly rate Continue reading

Hickenlooper Talks Minimum Wage Hike

JOHN-HICKENLOOPER-300Governor John Hickenlooper is unsure where he stands on Amendment 70, the ballot initiative that would increase the minimum wage in Colorado. In a recent interview Channel 9 TV in Denver, the Governor implied that he is concerned about the harm the wage increase could have on rural Colorado and small business owners across the state. The governor is concerned that the $12 minimum wage would put undue stress Continue reading

Minimum Wage Bill Fails

MINIMUM WAGEA Democratic effort to allow cities to raise the minimum wage in Colorado has failed in the state Legislature. A GOP-controlled Senate committee voted 3-2 yesterday not to allow local governments to set wages above the statewide Continue reading

Lawmakers Working on Minimum Wage Proposals

MINIMUM WAGEA Democratic push to raise the minimum wage in Colorado notched an early success yesterday at the Capitol. A House committee approved a bill to allow local governments to set their own minimum wages in excess of the state minimum Continue reading

This Week in the Colorado Legislature

co-state-capitol-300Legislators begin discussions this week on a package of bills aimed at increasing oversight on law enforcement and curbing their powers. In all, legislators are considering nearly a dozen bills on the topic. The first few will be heard Wednesday Continue reading

Colorado Minimum Wage Raised

MINIMUM WAGEThe minimum wage in Colorado edged up yesterday to $8.23 an hour, up 23 cents from last year. Restaurant servers and other tipped workers must now be paid a minimum of $5.21 an hour.  Colorado is one of over a dozen Continue reading