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Preliminary Budget Passed, More Cuts Expected

The Moffat County Commissioners passed a preliminary budget for 2018 at their meeting yesterday. The County continues to experience budget difficulties as revenues from property taxes have fallen more Continue reading

Trump Admin Asks For Voter Information

In an effort to find the nearly 3 million illegal voters President Trump claims voted in the last election, a presidential election commission has asked states to provide them with public voter roll data. In response, Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams says he will release publicly available information to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, but he says he Continue reading

Powerball Reaches $450 Million

POWERBALLWhat would you do with $450 million? That is the question to ponder if you were to beat the odds of 292 million to 1, to win the Powerball jackpot. That amount would make it the 4th largest powerball jackpot ever. If a winner chose the cash payout the prized would be $275 million. If there is no Continue reading