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Lawmakers to Debate Allowing Drug Felons to Work in Pot Industry

MARIJUANA-300A dispute over drug felons in Colorado’s marijuana industry is heating up at the Statehouse. The question is hanging up a bill to reauthorize rules for Colorado’s medical marijuana industry. The bill makes routine updates to the state’s regulations governing the medical marijuana industry. The rules were Continue reading

Upcoming Vote on Pot Testing

MARIJUANA-300Safety tests for the new marijuana industry have been an ongoing sore spot for the industry. Pot is supposed to be tested for potency and contaminants, but only a few labs are authorized to do the tests. Testing guidelines have been slow in being implemented, and pot retailers complain that the few available labs sometimes give wildly Continue reading

Hash Oil Explosions on the Rise in Colorado

MARIJUANA-300The opening months of Colorado’s recreational marijuana industry have seen a rise in fiery explosions as pot users try to extract potent oil from the drug at home laboratories.  Hospital officials say more people are being seriously burned and injured trying to make hash oil. The golden Continue reading