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Wyoming May Take $144 Million From State Savings

wyoming-flag-graphicGovernor Matt Mead released his preliminary budget for 2017 yesterday. The Governor has proposed using $144 million from the states $1.6 billion rainy day fund to help cover the nearly $400 million budget shortfall. Mead is also calling for Continue reading

Wyoming Looks To Increase Park Fees

wyoming-flag-graphicDue to recent cuts of $1.4 million to the state park budget, the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources is looking to raise the fees people pay at state parks.  Wyoming’s last fee increase was in 2008, and when compared to neighboring states Wyoming Continue reading

Liquor Stores Could Maintain Control Of Licenses

liquor-storeA late legislative compromise could keep the initiative that would allow grocery stores to sell full strength beer wine and liquor off the off the 2016 ballot. Lawmakers are considering legislation that would limit the amount of liquor licenses within certain proximity of each of each other, which is currently being proposed at 2,500 feet. Under these Continue reading