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Stay Safe This Independence Day

FIREWORKS-3-300People will be lighting off fire works and grilling all weekend to celebrate America’s independence. With high fire danger in Northwest Colorado, here are some steps you can take to ensure you are participating in these activities safely. Fireworks can cause severe injuries, blinding and even death, so always keep your children a safe distance. Fireworks of any kind are illegal on all US Forest Service and BLM managed lands. Review Continue reading

Colorado’s Automobile Puffer Law Change

puffing_carA Colorado bill that is headed to the governor’s office would make it legal to leave cars running unattended if they have remote-start systems. State senators passed the update to the state’s so-called “puffer” law, which refers to the puffs of exhaust that come out of tailpipes during cold winter mornings. The bill would allow any owner with a Continue reading

Marijuana Banking Bill Fails

MARIJUANA-300Yesterday, Colorado state legislators debated a last-minute bill to give marijuana businesses a place to do their banking.  But the plan to set up the world’s first financial system for marijuana survived less than 24 hours before state lawmakers changed course and shelved the idea.  The measure was introduced Continue reading