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Lawmakers to Debate Fetal Homicide Bill

co-state-capitol-300With less than two weeks to go, lawmakers are scrambling like they do every year to finish all their work before the legislative session ends May 6th. In what’s expected to be one of the most emotionally charged debates of the session, Continue reading

Lawmakers to Ask Voters to Keep Pot Tax Surplus

MARIJUANA-300The final numbers are in, and Colorado owes its residents some $58 million in pot tax refunds. But state lawmakers started work yesterday on a proposal to ask voters if the state can keep the money. Colorado’s constitution requires new taxes to be refunded when overall tax collections exceed growth limits. The refund requirement is Continue reading

Bill in Senate Would Require Medical Pot to be Tested

MARIJUANA-300Recreational pot sold in Colorado must be tested for pesticides and contaminants such as mold and mildew. Oddly, the requirement doesn’t apply to medical marijuana sold to people with debilitating conditions – but a bill debated yesterday in the state Senate would change that. The head-scratching situation of requiring testing of Continue reading

Lawmakers to Address Marijuana Concentrates

MARIJUANA-300Lawmakers worried about explosions caused by people trying to make homemade hash will begin debate on a bill addressing the topic. Under the proposal, people without a license to make marijuana concentrates would face felony charges if they used flammable gases in the attempt. Last year, there were 32 explosions and Continue reading

Lawmakers Determining Refunds for State Residents

co-state-capitol-300Lawmakers are working on the state budget this week. One sign of Colorado’s improving economy since the Great Recession is the state is collecting enough tax revenue that they have to issue refunds under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. The Continue reading

Lawmakers Working on State Budget

co-state-capitol-300Colorado’s budget constrictions mean that they’ll have to refund about $58 million from the new pot taxes- even though the taxes were approved by voters. Expect lawmakers to propose a ballot measure after the budget passes to ask voters to Continue reading

Lawmakers to get Economic Forecast this Week

co-state-capitol-300Colorado lawmakers will get their quarterly forecast from economists Wednesday on the amount of taxes the state is bringing in. The report will play an important role in the annual state budget lawmakers will debate and vote on in Continue reading

Hickenlooper Threatens Vetoes on Both Sides of the Aisle

JOHN-HICKENLOOPER-300Colorado’s governor has firm words for lawmakers entering the second half of the legislative session. He hinted yesterday that he’s not sold on measures coming from both parties. Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper told reporters that he doesn’t support repealing a limit on ammunition magazines. That’s a priority for Continue reading

Lawmakers to Debate Pensions, Juvenile Shackling, and Vets

co-state-capitol-300Still to come this week in the Colorado Legislature, lawmakers worried about shackles and restraints used on juvenile offenders want to change such policies in judicial districts. A proposal up for its first hearing in a House Continue reading

Lawmakers Call on Obama to Approve Keystone

KEYSTONELawmakers are calling on President Obama to sign the Keystone XL Pipeline legislation. Senator Cory Gardner released a statement to the president yesterday, making a case for the pipeline. Gardner says he’s excited that the bill passed with bipartisan support in the House and Senate. He says the project will “create Continue reading

Lawmakers Advance Bill to Make Multiple DUIs a Felony

DONT-DRINK-DRIVE-300Repeat DUI offenders in Colorado will face tougher penalties under a bill advanced by lawmakers. Colorado is among five states where DUI offenders face only misdemeanor charges even after repeated convictions. Lawmakers want to change that so people convicted of driving drunk will face felony charges with their fourth Continue reading

Lawmakers Ban Palcohol

palcoholColorado House lawmakers approved a ban of powdered alcohol in the state before it hits stores. The proposal would ban the product known as Palcohol until the state implements a regulatory system for it. The House approved the bill Continue reading