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EPA To End “Sue And Settle”

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt announced this week that the agency will take steps to eliminate “sue and settle” practices which have been used by environmental groups, like the Wild Earth Guardians, to shape environmental policy in the United States. During the announcement, Pruitt said Continue reading

Meeting To Discuss CPW’s Budget Problems

A meeting will be held Wednesday afternoon in Steamboat to discuss future funding for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. CPW is currently experiencing a significant budget shortfall that officials say may affect the agencies ability to manage Colorado’s 41 state parks. To help find potential solutions to the budget issue, CPW is looking for the public to Continue reading

Steamboat School District Invites Public to Planning Meeting

STEAM-SCHOOL-DISTRICTThe Steamboat School District will hold another Facility Master Plan meeting Tuesday. The public is invited to show up and give their input. The goal of the meeting is to develop in more detail the potential scopes for Option C, which will allow the district to get better first cost construction information. Tuesday’s meeting will be held at Continue reading