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Two Vehicle Accident Closes Highway

Highway 13 near Hamilton was closed for about half an hour last night, following a two vehicle accident.  68-year-old Michael Debuono of Clifton was driving when he collided with a car being driven by 78-year-old Ida Gordon of Craig, around Continue reading

Empire Mine Being Deconstructed

If you have driven between Craig and Hamilton this week you may have noticed the Empire Mine coal tube, which crossed Highway 13, has been removed. According to a representative from Peabody Energy, the tube was removed as part of the decommissioning of the mine. Peabody is Continue reading

Explosion And Fire South Of Craig

A small explosion and fire at an oil well pumping station 4 miles East of Hamilton off of highway 317, was determined to have been caused by an equipment malfunction. The fire was reported just after 12:30 Thursday afternoon. Craig firefighters assisted the site manager to shut off the flow of crude oil which stopped the fire. The amount of damage to Continue reading

Poachers Sentenced For Killing Trophy Mule Deer

Mule Deer AntlersThe final individual involved in the poaching of a trophy class mule deer at a ranch south of Craig in 2014, was sentenced in a Moffat county court earlier this month. 60 year old outfitter Danny Jeffcoat from Hamilton pleaded guilty to felony possession of a forged instrument, and was sentenced Continue reading

Auto Accident Caused By Mud Covered Roadway

highway-13-smallOne vehicle went off the road yesterday on Highway 13 about half a mile south of Hamilton. According to a representative from Craig Fire and Rescue, the driver lost control when he encountered a mud slide that had been washed across the road after a heavy rain fall. The mud on the road was nearly a foot deep and covered about a 100 foot stretch of the highway. There were three passengers in Continue reading

Homes Still Safe From Beaver Creek Fire

WILD FIREThe Beaver Creek Fire continued to move south and west yesterday. Protecting the structures in the area remains a high priority. Crews have been burning between buildings, removing grass and utilizing sprinklers to make Continue reading

Fire From Yard Cleanup Jumps Out Of Contol

craig-fire-rescue-300A fire from a burn pile got out of control over the weekend but was quickly put out by the Craig Fire Department. The wildland fire began just after noon Saturday when a burning brush pile from a yard cleanup jumped to nearby brush. The fire was at a residence on highway 317 about half a mile east of Continue reading

Moffat County Replacing Culvert Near Hamilton

MOFFAT-COUNTY-LOGO-300A culvert replacement project near Hamilton is disrupting travel along Moffat County Road 45 this week. Crews have built a bypass to go around the work, so those that live in the area can still get Continue reading