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Free Flu Shots For Vets

Free flu shots are now being offered to veterans in Northwest Colorado through the Craig Veterans Clinic. Flu shots are available at the clinic now, Monday through Friday from 8 to 3 for vets who can provide proof of military service. In addition to the clinic hours Continue reading

Get Your Flu Shot Soon

The Colorado state health department is encouraging people to get flu shots before winter. Flu season typically peaks in January after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. Active germs become prevalent during events with a lot of people, like family gatherings. During last year’s flu season, 3,340 Coloradans were hospitalized with the flu, and two children died. This year, twenty people Continue reading

Fighting The Flu In Colorado

seasonal-flu-300Although the number of active cases of flu have dropped in Colorado, the state is still ranked as one of the hardest hit by the virus. According to the Center For Disease Control, 45 children nationwide have died of the flu in 2014-2015 season, while adults over the age of 65 have by far been hospitalized more than any other age group. The flu is Continue reading

State Health Officials Say H3N2 Virus Making Flu Season Tougher

seasonal-flu-300State health officials say most flu cases this year in Colorado have been caused by the influenza A, or H3N2, virus, which can cause a more severe flu season with more hospitalizations. Reported influenza hospitalizations and outbreaks in long-term care facilities in Colorado have recently increased. Officials say immunization is the best protection, and recommend getting your flu vaccine as soon as possible. During past Continue reading

Is It Flu Or Something Else

Along with New Year celebrations, January brings a warning that this is one of the most active months for the flu. With the CDC announcing that the flu has Continue reading

Not To Late To Get Flu Shot

seasonal-flu-300Flu season is underway in Colorado and is expected to last into February.  Over 100 people have been hospitalized for the flu in Colorado in just the past few weeks. Last year almost 1800 people were hospitalized due to the flu.  The single best way to protect yourself from the flu is by getting vaccinated. It takes about two weeks after getting the vaccination to build the antibodies needed to protect Continue reading